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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

  Scouts Cymru Training Day


 25 November 2018

Venue: St Clears Scout Headquarters

Meeting the Challenges - Manager and Supporter Training

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Gwent Scouts Training Day


 21 October 2018

09:30 to 17:00

Venue: 1st Panteg HQ, New Inn, Torfaen

Training day covering a number of Adult Training Scheme modules - select from:

          • Scouting for all (7)
          • Programme planning (12B)
          • Promoting positive behaviour (15)
          • Running safe activities (17)

We also offer the opportunity to 'drop in' any time between 3:30 and 5:00pm and validate modules where the training has already been completed or just chat to a training adviser about your training needs.

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Monday, 14 May 2018

Gwent Police Open Day

Newport Scouts PR / Recruitment stand

Hello All,

We have been offered a “pitch” at the Gwent Police HQ Open Day on June 3rd. I thought we could use it as a PR/Recruitment base and publicise what we are all about in Newport District Scouts.

I thought if your wider Teams (Section Leaders) were involved to help man the base on a rota system to answer all enquiries professionally. Thus guiding new enquiries to to the relevant groups.

I would appreciate it if you would indicate your willingness/availability ASAP to Andrea Fairless who will be co-ordinating this, so that I may confirm our involvement either way.

Please contact Andrea on

Steve Crowley
District Commissioner

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Thursday, 12 April 2018

St Georges Parade

Essential Information

St Georges Day Parade
Sunday 22nd April 2018

Please read this document carefully as we have made significant changes to this year's parade.  Due to various issues the parade route has proved difficult to authorise, as such we have agreed upon a route with the council as per the instruction below.  Please pay particular attention to the final part of the route as Leaders are expected to assist their flag bearers.

Parade Details

This year's parade will take place at Rodney Parade Rugby stadium, Rodney Road, Newport.
The parade will form up at the top of High street (outside the old Kings hotel) at 1.40pm for a 2pm start.  The road will remain open to traffic until 1.40pm so please advise all young persons and their guardians.

As in previous years the Explorer Scouts will march as a district unit.  Scouts, Cub Scouts and Beaver Scouts will march together in their Groups with the Beaver Scouts leading, led by their Group Scout Leader or Acting Group Scout Leader.  Group Colours will also march at the head of each section.

Gareth Williams is the parade marshal and has full authority to deal with any discrepancies in uniform or behaviour.

The main colour party will be carried by representatives from across the district, including a Beaver, a Cub, a Scout and Explorer scouts and other uniformed members.

Following the main colour party groups in numerical order starting with 22nd Newport through numbers to 29th. Then 1stBassaleg; 1st Caerleon; 1st. Llanmartin; 1st. Marshfield; 1st Rogerstone; 1st Wentwood, Pillgwenlly; then 6th then 7th, then 16th; Gang Show ladies, Explorer Scouts and Network and SAS.

Dress for this occasion is shirt-sleeve order, if it is necessary layers of clothing under the shirts are of course acceptable.  All shirts must be tucked into trousers / skirts.  The parade Marshall is authorised to make a decision on the day as to whether coats are permitted.  His decisions are fully supported by the DC.    Scout members of Gang Show will parade with their Groups but may wear their red scarves with their Group Scarves (i.e. two scarves) whilst parading. ALL members will be expected to wear SCARVES with woggles and rolled.

The Band will be placed in the Parade by the Parade Marshal Please form up three abreast.

Groups to march fairly close to each other – about 5 metres between each group.                   


The Parade will commence promptly at 2.00 pm.  Eyes right for the Mayor who will be taking the Salute in front of the chartist statues (outside the old Westgate Hotel).  Only leaders should salute.

Parade will continue to march along Commercial Street, on to Llanarth Street, through John Frost Square and down the steps to the bottom level of friars walk (a lift is available for those who require it).  As the parade reaches the steps to go down to the bottom level of Friars Walk, leaders should ensure their group flag bearers (particularly the cubs and beavers) have removed the flag from the bucket and passed it to an adult to carry down the steps.  We will line back up at the lower level and continue across the road to the millennium bridge.  A heavy marshal presence will be in situ at the steps in Friars Walk and also at the pedestrian crossing across Usk Way.

Once we are across the millennium footbridge, we will continue straight until we meet the back of the Hazell stand at Rodney Parade.  The main colours and ALL group flag bearers will turn right and enter the ground from the changing room entrance of the stadium.  The main parade will turn left and enter the stadium via the main entrance to the Hazell stand.  Those requiring additional assistance or disabled access should turn right and follow the flag bearers and main colour party to allocated seating.
Parade route (after the service)

Upon exiting the stadium the parade will line up behind the marquee in the grounds.  Parade will march around the training pitch and line up in front of the old club house for the final dismissal.  The stadium gates will be closed to traffic from 1.40pm till 4.30pm.  Leaders may park their vehicles inside the grounds of the stadium between 12 noon and 1.30pm.  Please bear in mind you will not be allowed to remove your vehicle until approximately 4.30pm or earlier should the parade marshal deem it safe.  Please advise parents that parking along Rodney road may be difficult and as such our advice is to park slightly further away and walk to the grounds to collect their young person.  Parents will not be allowed to park inside the ground for obvious safety reasons.

Parents, guardians & invited guests

Due to the size of venue parents and other interested parties are invited to join us during the service.  Parents will be allowed access to the main Hazell stand and directed to allocated seating only after the parade has been seated.  Parents as always are invited to line the route with the exception of the steps in Friars walk and the millennium bridge.  Marshalls will be on hand to police this.


In a break with tradition there will be no ceremony of entry to the stadium as such young persons will not need to attend rehearsal.  Instead the band will play as we take our seats.  Flag bearers will pass their flags to allocated leaders and will be directed to their seats.  The main colour party, all district flag bearers and those involved in the service MUST ATTEND practice at Rodney Parade, between 6-7pm on Thursday 19th April.


A collection will be taken before the Parade moves off and also by collectors in the entrance to the church for people not in the Parade.   This collection is in aid of Noah's Arc children's charity.

Please stand when the Mayoral Party enters and leaves and until the Colours and Guests have left the Church.  Then sit until instructed to leave - it is important for everyone's safety that this instruction is obeyed.  Please leave on the route directed by the Explorer Scout stewards.

Please impress on everyone the importance of correct behaviour in the venue and during the Parade when we are very much on Public Display.

This is an occasion when medals and awards should be worn.

In the case of bad weather the parade marshal and DC will make a decision at 12 noon on the day of the parade and calls/messages will be made to all GSL’s.

All footwear should be black.  No Trainers, Jeans, Chewing Gum or Mobile Phones.

Independent Assessors will be on the Route to ascertain the Smartest Group on Parade.

Looking forward to a good day and a smart turnout to commemorate St. George – the Patron Saint of Scouting.  Let's hope the sun shines for us.

Monday, 9 April 2018

St Georges Parade

Sun 22nd April

Assembling High Street from 13:40 and marching to Rodney Parade

On this day Scouts come together and celebrate Scouting's national day with a collective Promise renewal.

"Baden-Powell chose Saint George to be the patron Saint of Scouting. He felt that the Saint George legend set a good example of faith, courage and perseverance for future generations."

If you're in Newport city today look out for the Newport District Scouts parade marching from the High Street at about 2pm.

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